Joshua Carroll, Regular Giving Assistant

Josh Caroll's fundraising story"To be honest, I wasn’t always interested in fundraising for the University. After moving my family to Scotland to pursue a PhD in Divinity here at the University, we quickly realised that extra income that came with part-time work would be essential to our survival here. So, I took a job as a telephone fundraiser for the Development Trust calling alumni and asking them to partner with us for some of the interesting projects we support. As I got to know the University better and explored some of the projects we support I slowly began to catch the fundraising bug. Before I knew it the position that I had accepted to put extra grocery money on the table had subtly become an important aspect of my life. I found myself caring about the projects we supported. This was partly due to the cutting-edge innovation that was (and still is) taking place in the area of Dementia and Alzheimer’s research, a terrible affliction that has affected my own family.

I’ve been working for the University of Aberdeen Development Trust for three years now and have been involved in several different fundraising projects as well as the administrative side of things. Throughout this time I have continually been impressed, and sometimes a bit surprised, at the amount of support that our alumni continue to provide through their time, energy and generous gifts.

Reunion giving is a rather new and unexplored territory at this point but it has the potential to provide essential support for our university projects. Just think of what an impact a group donation could make! I’m proud to be part of a team that cares about what they do and continually strives to make this University, its community, and the world a better place. I’m sure you’re are also proud to be a part of our great University's alumni community. Therefore, I would encourage you to join your reunion group and, together, be part of something that will provide a lasting impact on future generations of University of Aberdeen students. I’m excited to see what this next generation will achieve and, with your support, the possibilities are endless!"