Insight Mentoring Programme

Insight Mentoring Programme

The Insight Programme is an initiative introduced to support offer holders to help them prepare for their time at the University of Aberdeen. It provides the opportunity for an offer holder to spend some time with one of our Alumni, gaining insight into life here in Aberdeen and what the University has to offer.

The programme begins when you are matched with your Alumni Guide or Future Student. The initiative involves as much or as little time as you would be prepared to give, however we recommend that you think about 4 short interactions as a good starting point. These can take place on the telephone or Skype/FaceTime or by email.

Being an Alumni Guide

An Alumni Guide is an individual with a sound and broad knowledge of life as a student here at the University of Aberdeen. You will have studied here already and know what the city and university life is like.

Typical roles of an Alumni Guide include: Advise - provides advice, which the future student decides how best to use Sounding board - testing ideas and suggestions Motivator - Encouraging and motivating to achieve.

Being a Future Student

A Future Student is an individual who holds an offer of study at the University of Aberdeen and is looking for some more information from a recent graduate.

Responsibilities of the Future Student

Preparing for the First Meeting

Come prepared to talk about expectations and hopes for the mentorship, but more specifically to share some experiences and anecdotes to establish common ground.

All Future Students should take time to plan meetings ahead, what questions do you have about the University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen city and life here in Scotland?

Important to discuss and agree at your first meeting:

  • Set meeting dates.
  • Decide on the frequency and length  of meetings.
  • Choose an appropriate way to carry out the meetings: Phone, Skype, FaceTime.
  • Discuss the expectations of the programme.
  • Agree objectives forfuture meetings.

Areas for discussion

  • Getting here
  • Accommodation
  • Culture / Food
  • Home sickness
  • Banks / Post Offices / Travel
  • The city
Role of an Alumni Guide

Benefits to You

  • Career development - polish your people management and relationship building skills.
  • A new perspective - look at your own development with fresh eyes.
  • Satisfaction.
  • Keep up to date with developments in higher education and qualification structures.
  • Broaden your professional network.

What Skills and Abilities do I Need?

  • Be able to communicate effectively with students and the University of Aberdeen staff involved in the programme.
  • Be able to apply your own knowledge and life experiences when advising and supporting offer holders.
  • Be clear about confidentiality and understand the importance of mentoring boundaries.
  • Be willing to ask for support when and if needed

As an Alumni Guide you will be able to offer ‘expert’ advice on life as a student at the University of Aberdeen. Some ideas to get you started:

  • Why would I encourage someone to come to the University of Aberdeen?
  • What do I wish I had known before I came to Aberdeen?
  • How to get the most out of my time in Aberdeen - Academic, Cultural, Social?
  • What experiences have helped me most in my own professional and personal development?
  • What were the important lessons learnt from  my own time at the University of Aberdeen?


The initiative involves as much or as little time  as you would be prepared to give and you are free to meet with your Future Student as much or a little as you feel is necessary. This programme is designed to best suit your needs, and who better to know what they are than you!

We would recommend 4 ‘touch points’ from the time you are matched to the time the Future Student joins us here at the University of Aberdeen, however you are free to meet more or less often than this.

For more information, please email or call +44 (0)1224 273234.