reunion-image-DLPWe know how challenging it may seem to fundraise from your fellow alumni. That's why we decided to put together a few suggestions on how to approach your reunion group when encouraging group giving.

Target your gift

In most cases, targeting your group gift to a particular project would be the most successful approach. After all, you and your fellow alumni should be able to relate to the area to which you are about to donate money. Generally, reunion groups tend to give to scholarships and research, but you are free to choose and support any area from the University's priorities.

Get some helpers

Organising a reunion and fundraising at the same time could be a bit of a full plate. Therefore, we advise you to gather your closest classmates and form a small reunion fundraising committee where everyone has an equal role and equal responsibilities.

Invite a speaker

Inviting a speaker from our academic staff, especially if your reunion is on campus or around Aberdeen, is fairly usual. A good way to encourage your reunion group to engage is to invite someone who can speak from personal experience about the project. Here, at Alumni Relations, we will be able to assist you with this.

Make it fun!

It is an absolute myth that fundraising is a boring and overwhelming experience, and this is why we are here to shatter this myth. After all, this is your reunion and you would like to have a great night to remember! You can decide what the approach would be according to the event format you have chosen. Whichever you prefer, be it a formal dinner or an informal pub night, be creative! A nice way to go would be a Class Giving Challenge, for example. This could be as simple as one alumnus/a challenging another to get up and sing a song, and then contributing to the group gift. It's up to you!