Women & the Scientific Revolution, c. 1600-1800: Crucial but Overlooked

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Women & the Scientific Revolution, c. 1600-1800: Crucial but Overlooked

This is a past event

We hope that you will be able to join us for another fascinating online event on Thursday 17 November from 4pm-5.15pm (GMT) with Professor Bill Naphy!

The Scientific Revolution is a 'given' of history. It happened. It changed the face of Western science & medicine. And it was the result of new ideas coming from men like Newton, Bacon & Vesalius. But... this misses out a lot of important elements of the story. These new ideas have their roots in the discoveries of the Islamic world especially Moorish Spain. Many of these great men were motivated not by an interest in science as we understand it today, but a desire to understand the natural world as a lens to see and know the will & mind of God. Finally, some of the influential figures, especially in the 18th century were, in fact, women. This talk will look at the role women played in the scientific, medical, and even philosophical & political ideas of the 18th century which profoundly influenced and shaped what is commonly known as the Scientific Revolution.

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Professor William Naphy