Library outsideAs University of Aberdeen graduates you can join the library to borrow print material for a reduced annual fee of £20 plus £30 deposit.

The University of Aberdeen's Library is as old as the University itself. It represents a unique resource for teaching, research and scholarship. The Library operates an 'open door' policy whereby the riches of its collections are available for consultation to members of the general public.

Graduates also have the opportunity to join 'The Friends of Aberdeen University Library', a registered charity founded in 1962, which encourages the donation of books, prints, manuscripts and other items of interest to the library. They also engage in fundraising, to help the Library to buy special books, manuscripts and other items of particular interest. 'The Friends' organize two or three events each year, related to the Library and its collections, and they publish the 'Friends News'. Annual or Life Memberships of 'The Friends of Aberdeen University Library' are available.

For more information and details on joining please visit the Friends of the Library page.