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9. Implementation and Management

9.1 The Strategy into operation

9.2 Quality Enhancement and Sustainability

9.3 Delivery

9.4 Evaluation

9.1 The Strategy into operation

9.1.1 The strategy document dated May 2006 should be operationalised through UCTL and the Colleges. As part of their annual costed plans the Centre for Learning and Teaching will provide strategic and development support and the Directorate of Information Technology (DIT) providing the underlying C&IT infrastructure, applications and user support necessary for delivery of the strategy.

Colleges, UCTL, CLT, DIT

9.1.2 UCTL will keep the strategy under review and the VP Learning and Teaching will liaise with VP Information and Libraries and the Director of IT to keep Information Strategy Committee actions informed by the Strategy’s needs and vice versa.


9.2 Quality Enhancement and Sustainability

9.2.1 The VP L&T will work with the Registry and Academic Standards Committees to explore how Course proposal/renewal processes and pro formas can be used to ensure that, where appropriate, C&IT is incorporated into course delivery and that the C&IT components of courses are recorded in a manner that can readily be used to assist the implementation and further development of elements of the strategy.


9.2.2 Mechanisms to link this process directly to the Course Catalogue database and PDP software will be explored.


9.2.3 The Centre for Learning and Teaching will take the lead in the dissemination of good practice as part of our Quality Enhancement Strategy.


9.2.4 Staff development delivery should incorporate good practice in C&IT in its courses.


9.2.5 Undergraduate students’ PDP will be explicitly linked into the development of C&IT skills for students.


9.2.6 VP L&T will liaise with Estates and DIT to ensure that any scheduled refurbishment and upgrading of teaching accommodation and social spaces incorporates appropriate C&IT capability.

VPLT, DIT, Estates

9.2.7 VP L&T and Heads of Colleges will liaise with DIT to ensure that any developments in the C&IT infrastructure and support necessary for the delivery of the strategy are recognised, planned for and put in place in time to support planned delivery.


9.2.8 Heads of Colleges will ensure that course and programme materials incorporate clear and specific guidance on the use of web material on the referencing of on-line resources.


9.3 Delivery

9.3.1 Colleges’ annual plans will detail strategic development areas envisaged for each coming year (starting in the planning for 06-07). Plans will be discussed with DIT, the Centre for L&T and Library and Historic Collections in time to ensure that any development resource and support required can be considered and planned for by those services.


9.3.2 The Centre for Learning & Teaching will provide support to the Colleges for the use of core learning technologies, such as WebCT and On-line Assessment. The annual bidding process for development projects supported by the Centre for Learning and Teaching will be refined and continue to address College strategic priorities.


9.3.3 A database of where and how C&IT is used in course delivery will be developed. It will also inform where further development may be required and how well the strategy is being implemented.


9.3.4 The VP L&T will work with SRAS and Colleges to ensure that we further promote our capability in C&IT to prospective students.


9.3.5 The feasibility of ascertaining students’ entry level skills will be explored. The PDP process will allow students to review and build their skills levels.


9.3.6 DIT will continue to provide facilities for ECDL testing and accreditation as well as supporting self-teach materials for students.


9.3.7 We will promote the advantages of ECDL in relation to students’ employability.

Colleges, SRAS

9.3.8 The Centre for L&T, DIT and Colleges will collaborate to identify staff development needs.

CLT, DIT, Colleges

9.3.9 DIT will continue to provide support for student use of C&IT through the Help Desk service and on-line materials.


9.4 Evaluation

9.4.1 The Centre for Learning and Teaching will collaborate with the Colleges and DIT in reviewing the effectiveness of the provision and the progress of the Strategy’s implementation to provide reports to UCTL.

CLT, Colleges, DIT, UCTL

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