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8. Specific Risks

8.1 Plagiarism

The University recognises that there are specific risks associated with extending the use of C&IT in teaching and learning, and that the student experience of learning in an electronic environment is significantly different from the experience of learning using other methods.  Although the benefits largely outweigh the costs, those areas where use of C&IT creates problems that did not previously exist must be addressed.

8.1 Plagiarism

Widespread access to electronic media, and the use of software to prepare and submit coursework, creates new opportunities for plagiarism. However, the C&IT environment also allows for enhanced plagiarism detection methods.

8.1.1. Electronic plagiarism

The University plagiarism policy must draw specific attention to the issues associated with electronic plagiarism in course and programme documentation. Clear and specific guidance, in accordance with JISC recommendations, must be given on the use of web material and referencing of on-line resources.

8.1.2 Electronic plagiarism detection

The University will keep abreast of developments in electronic plagiarism detection such as the recent JISC initiative, and will encourage the submission of relevant coursework in a format that allows this software to be used. As the electronic storage of student work requires the specific permission of the student (as copyright holder), systems of routinely confirming this permission (at the time of University or course registration) will be implemented.

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