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4. Development strategies

4.1 Developing the MLE

4.2 Learning materials

4.1 Developing the MLE

4.1.1 Partnership

Academics, administrators, and technical specialists will cooperate in the development of an MLE.

The University’s commitment to the development of an MLE is supported by its commitment to developing integrated information systems.

4.2 Learning materials

4.2.1 Development issues

The cost of developing C&IT based learning and teaching resources is often underestimated. It is not a central University strategy to be a primary resource developer over a wide spectrum of subject matter.

There will, however, be specific circumstances where it is cost effective for the University to develop such material, rather than rely on a third party supplier. Projects exploiting these circumstances must be individually justified and must be consistent with University strategies. Past experience with such projects needs to be effectively used to optimise development.

To ensure this, the University will resource agencies - e.g. the Centre for Learning and Teaching and Medi-CAL (see 4.2.3) - to support staff in assessing potential projects and to give learning technology support where projects have been approved for further development.

4.2.2 Partnership

Academics and learning technologists will cooperate in the development of computer based learning materials, with the academics taking the lead. The learning technologists will advise on software and method selection, on the potential (and limitations) of different technological resources, and will be a conduit to information sharing among academic users (see 9.2.3 and 9.3.3). In particular, the learning technologists will provide information on University policy and on centrally available facilities.

4.2.3 Support services

The University recognises the value of central support agencies with specific remits to promote and support the efficient and effective use of C&IT in learning and teaching. The staff in these support units will work with academics to identify or develop appropriate resources and to make practical use of them. A key element in effective development and application of these resources is the quality of the partnership that exists between the support service staff and academics (see 4.1.1 and 4.1.2).

The University will continue to provide central strategic support for the development of on-line learning materials and the dissemination of good practice - through the existing Centre for Learning and Teaching and the Medi-CAL Unit, or through their named and resourced successors.

The University will continue to provide central technical support for website development – through the existing Web Team or through its named and resourced successor.

With the exception of the Medi-CAL Unit’s management of its own in-house VLE, it will not be part of the remit of these units to undertake day-to-day management of course material – e.g. mounting lecture support files or handouts, or maintaining WebCT pages. The support units and the training units (see 6.1.1 ) will provide staff with the appropriate methods and skills required for this type of maintenance activity.

4.2.4 Dissemination of good practice

It will be the responsibility of the support services (see 9.2.3) and the Centre for Learning and Teaching in collaboration with Colleges to establish methods of disseminating good practice among their client groups of teaching staff. This will be in addition to any training provided under 6.1.

Examples of appropriate dissemination methods might be:

Academic staff will be strongly encouraged to:

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