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  • Predicting the risks of kidney failure and death in adults with moderate to severe chronic kidney disease: multinational, longitudinal, population based, cohort study

    Liu, P., Sawhney, S., Heide-Jørgensen, U., Quinn, R. R., Jensen, S. K., Mclean, A., Christiansen, C. F., Gerds, T. A., Ravani, P.

    BMJ, vol. 385, e078063

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  • Retrospective analysis of Verbal Autopsy data to understand health system utilisation and reasons for avoidable mortality after fatal injury within a three delays framework in Karonga, Northern Malawi.

    Whitaker, J., D'Ambruoso, L.

    BMJ Open

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  • Comparison of intramyocellular lipid metabolism in patients with diabetes and male athletes

    Mezincescu, A., Rudd, A. E., Cheyne, L., Horgan, G., Philip, S., Cameron, D., van Loon, L., Whitefield, P., Gribbin, R., Hu, M. K., Delibegovic, M., Fielding, B., Lobley, G., Thies, F., Newby, D. E., Gray, S., Henning, A., Dawson, D.

    Nature Communications

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  • A stakeholder analysis to prepare for real-world evaluation of integrating artificial intelligent algorithms into breast screening (PREP-AIR study): a qualitative study using the WHO guide

    Newlands, R., Bruhn, H., Rzewuska Diaz, M., Lip, G., Anderson, L., Ramsay, C.

    BMC Health Services Research

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  • Identifying key health system components associated with improved outcomes to inform the reconfiguration of services for adults with rare autoimmune rheumatic diseases: a mixed methods study.

    Hollick, R., James, W. R., Nicoll, A., Locock, L., Black, C., Dhaun, N., Egan, A. C. E., Fluck, N., Laidlaw, L., Lanyon, P. C., Little, M. A., Luqmani, R. A., Moir, L., McBain, M., Basu, N.

    The Lancet Rheumatology

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  • Implementation of a web-based asynchronous consultation service in a hospital in Northeast Scotland: a multi-method multi-lens assessment

    Rzewuska Diaz, M., Locock, L., Keen, A., Myhill, A., Ramsay, C.

    Journal of Medical Internet Research

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  • Recovery of Kidney Function After Acute Kidney Disease - a Multi-Cohort Analysis

    Sawhney, S., Ball, W., Bell, S., Black, C., Christiansen, C. F., Heide-Jørgensen, U., Jensen, S. K., Lambourg, E., Ronksley, P. E., Tan, Z., Tonelli, M., James, M.

    Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, vol. 39, no. 3, pp. 426–435

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  • Associations Between Prior Oral Anticoagulant Use and Stroke Outcomes in a National Stroke Cohort: A Scottish Database Study

    Sterling, K., Macleod, M., Turner, M.


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