2019 Dates Announced for Introductory and Advanced Courses in Dietary Assessment Methods

The University of Aberdeen is delighted to announce new dates for a 2017 Introductory and Advanced Courses on Dietary Assessment Methods.

  • Introductory Course 20 May 2019
  • Advanced Course 21 - 23 May 2019

Both courses are intensive and interactive in nature; places are strictly limited to ensure that all participants can engage with the tutors and the group as a whole.  Participants are encouraged to provide background information and questions in advance to allow tutors to provide as comprehensive responses as possible.


A range of external speakers will compliment the University team and will be announced once confirmed.

Benefits of Attending

The courses will broaden your knowledge in techniques of dietary assessment to enable you to make a more informed decision as to which is the appropriate tool for your needs either in a research context or in dealing direct with clients.

Attending will also enable you to fully interpret dietary data, taking into account the strengths and limitations of the different assessment techniques. 

Who are the Courses For?

The courses are aimed at anyone with an interest in dietary assessment methods who has some background in either dietetics or nutrition.

The introductory course is intended for those who have more limited experience in the field of dietary assessment or who may have trained some time ago and wish to refresh their knowledge prior to the advanced course.

Introductory Course on Dietary Assessment Methods

20 May 2019

This course is offered prior to the advanced course with the aim of providing an introduction to the subject for those with more limited experience in the area. Knowledge of the subjects covered in the introductory course will be expected for those attending the advanced course.

Advanced Course on Dietary Assessment Methods

21 - 23 May 2019

The advanced course is designed for researchers, dietetic and nutritional practitioners and those who would like to further their training in dietary assessment methods. Developed and run by the University of Aberdeen dietary assessment team a group with a wide range of experience including staff from the Rowett Life-Course and Population Health Group.

This course will bring together current knowledge and best practice on dietary assessment for nutrition research and clinical and public health practice.

Course Themes: from theory to practice:

  • Dietary assessment methods
  • Food Composition Databases
  • Interpreting and evaluating dietary data
  • Recent advances in dietary assessment methods
  • Biomarkers of dietary intake


CPD Accreditation:

The advanced course is endorsed by the Association for Nutrition

Endorsed by the British Dietetic Association

(*Please note BDA endorsement applies only to the educational nutritional content of the learning activity).