Team Members

Team Members

The team is led by Professor Richard Aspden and while the core members are in Aberdeen our ‘members-at-large’ and collaborators form a world-wide community.

In Aberdeen we have:

  • Richard Aspden
  • Jenny Gregory
  • Rebecca Barr
  • Fiona Saunders
  • Anastasia Pavlova
  • Ron Coutts

Associated members are:

  • Rachel White (University of Central Lancashire)
  • Stella Muthuri (UCL)
  • Denis Baird (University of Bristol)
  • Monika Frysz (University of Bristol)


  • Dr Mandy Plumb (Federation University Australia)
  • Dr Jude Meakin (University of Exeter)
  • Dr Amanda Nelson (University of North Carolina)
  • Prof Jon Tobias (University of Bristol)
  • Dr Celia Gregson (University of Bristol)
  • Dr Emma Clark (University of Bristol)
  • Prof Diana Kuh (UCL)
  • Prof Graeme Jones (University of Tasmania)
  • Prof Marian Hannan (Harvard University)
  • Prof Tim Cootes (University of Manchester)
  • Prof David Deehan (University of Newcastle)