People are at the heart of everything we do.

All members of the Aberdeen family have a role in driving the University forward: our students and staff as they thrive in an environment which encourages and nurtures achievement, or as alumni with a lifelong relationship with their alma mater.  

Our full Strategic Plan outlines our commitment to excellence, and how all aspects of an Aberdeen education will be inter-dependent to attain real success as a world-class research university.

Our culture embraces the entire global Aberdeen family, our teaching and learning is alive to the changing needs of all our students, and our research delivers sustainable benefits to society.  With a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to improving our infrastructure, this sets us apart in our ability to deliver an exceptional educational experience and to celebrate innovation and excellence with future generations.

Aberdeen students will grow as active international citizens during their study, and our strong partnerships with business and industry will ensure that they are well prepared for working life, with a global outlook and attributes that will be sought-after by employers in every sector.

Alongside our growing international standing we are proud of our central role within the city of Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland. We are committed to working partners across all sectors to contribute to the success, prosperity and sustainability of our region.

Underpinning a successful Aberdeen will be financial and environmental sustainability. We will achieve a strong sustainable financial footing, with headroom to invest, with seek the added value of a major fundraising campaign around the people, education, research and infrastructure that will ensure our future.

Professor Sir Ian Diamond

Former Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Sir Ian Diamond signature

Our Vision

Transforming the world with greater knowledge and learning