Result of the Senior Governor Election

Voting in the election for the Senior Governor closed at 5pm Thursday 28 March 2019. The online vote was conducted independently by Electoral Reform Services.

The result is that Esther Roberton has been elected and will serve for a period of three years.

RESULT 1 to elect
Alan CAMPBELL 390  
James HALL 299  
Andrew MILLER 71  


  • Number of Voters: 19429
  • Number of Votes Cast: 1449
  • Turnout: 7.46%

You can read Esther’s candidate statement here.

  • The election report from Electoral Reform Services is available here.

As required by the Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Act 2016, a report on the characteristics (as listed in section 149 (7) of the Equality Act 2010) of applicants for the position of Senior Governor, where provided, is available here.