Advisory Group Remit

Advisory Group on Sustainability & Social Responsibility

The Advisory Group on Sustainability and Social Responsibility (AGSSR) has responsibility for overseeing the development of policies and strategies in this area and for monitoring their implementation. 

It was initially established in 2007 with a predominantly environmental remit, but has evolved to reflect a broader agenda.  It has led on the development of a new Sustainability & Social Responsibility Strategy that takes a whole-institution approach and will oversee its implementation.

The AGSSR meets four times per year and is chaired by a senior member of the University management team. 


Advisory Group on Sustainability & Social Responsibility

The AGSSR includes academics, administrators and students from across the University. 

It includes representatives from Estates, Finance, Human Resources, Campus Services, IT, Communications, Planning, the Trades Unions, and academics. 

Over the years, the student voice has been particularly strong, with strong representation from the AUSA, various Ethics and Environment Presidents, and AUSA staff involved in student-facing sustainability projects (including those funded by the Climate Challenge Fund).

Administrative support is currently provided by a Policy Adviser in the Estates directorate.

Sustainability Reporting

In 2015, Public Bodies in Scotland were invited to submit (voluntarily) a sustainability report as part of a new obligation under statutory Public Bodies Climate Change Duties.  In 2016 that exercise became compulsory.  Full details of that exercise and access to the reports of ALL the public sector bodies is available via the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) website with the reports of every major player available via a dedicated reporting page.

Prior to this new reporting regime, the Scottish sector had developed a voluntary annual reporting mechanism that introduced a consistent sustainability reporting framework for further and higher education.  The resultant reports formed our annual return as part of the sector-wide Universities & Colleges Climate Commitment for Scotland (UCCCfS).

Our 2012/13 report is available here.

Our 2011/12 report is available here.

Details of function specific reports on Waste, Energy and Transport are available in the 'around campus' section.

Alongside these functional reports, our former Environment Office produced prototype Environment Reports in 2009/10 and 2010/11.