Rapid Covid-19 tests

The University is working with the Scottish Government to provide free asymptomatic Covid-19 tests (lateral flow device tests) to anyone. While voluntary, we would strongly encourage you to take the tests.

What does the test involve?

The test is called a lateral-flow test. It involves taking a swab from your mouth and nose. The process takes just a few minutes. You will be notified of the test result by email or text within 24 hours by NHS Test and Protect, and possibly much faster.

The test is an effective way to identify cases but it does not mean you are negative. To identify as many cases as possible, it is necessary to take two tests ideally 3 days apart. If you can’t take two tests, one test can still provide some reassurance. A negative test still means that there is a risk of becoming infected and spreading the virus.


This testing is for anyone who would like to be tested.

Thank for you playing your part in the national effort to keep everyone safe.

Test centre walk-through

Why should I take this test?

We all have an individual responsibility to support the communities around us.  The test can identify whether you are carrying the Covid-19 virus, even if you are not showing any symptoms.   By taking the test you can support the national effort to reduce the spread of the virus, and protect your family, loved ones and the community around you. 

Remember – we are here to support you if you do test positive.

I'm nervous about taking the test - who can I speak to?

We understand this is a nervous time for you.  We would encourage you to speak to your friends and family, but you can also get in touch with coronavirus@abdn.ac.uk, if you have any concerns.

Testing is simple and safe, and our testing site is managed in accordance with government guidance. Our testing team will provide all the support you need to complete the test.

What will the test show?

The test will determine if you are currently infectious with Covid-19.

Who is eligible for a test?

This testing is for anyone who would like to be tested.

If you have previously tested positive for Covid-19, you do not need to take a test unless your previous positive test was more than 90 days ago.

What happens if I test positive?

If you receive a positive lateral flow test, you will be notified by email or text and may be asked by NHS Test and Protect to take a further type of test to confirm the result. If this further test is also positive, it is really important to follow self-isolation guidelines and complete the online webform so that we can support you during self-isolation.

NHS Test and Protect will begin the full contact tracing process but you should make your housemates aware that you are now required to self-isolate and that they are also required to do so, for a period of 14 days or until you have completed a follow up test with the NHS which produced a negative result. A negative test result allows all members of the household to end the period of self-isolation, unless directed otherwise by the NHS. All those in self-isolation should complete the webform.

Remember, the University is here to help you as you self-isolate – you can find out more about the range of support here.

What happens if I test negative?

If you test negative, you will be notified of your result by text or email. After your second negative test, we would ask that you travel as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours, after receiving your negative test results to minimise the risks of contracting Covid-19 before you depart. You should also continue to minimise contact with others and follow FACTS at all times.

Will the University be informed of my test results?

No. The test is personal to you. We will not be informed of your test results.

Will the test be sufficient to allow me to travel internationally?

No, the lateral flow test is not sufficient for those wishing to travel internationally. Students wishing to travel overseas must check before they travel if their destination requires confirmation of a negative PCR test.  A PCR test is a different type of test from the one being provided through this route. You can find more information about external organisations who provide PCR testing here.

What do I have to consider when travelling?

You should plan ahead and try to avoid the busier times and routes for your journey. Remember to check for disruptions and follow the safe travel advice from Transport Scotland and the Scottish Government.

If driving, only travel with members of your current household or the household you will be staying with, where possible. If using public transport, you must wear a face covering (unless exempt), regularly sanitise your hands, use contactless payment and keep a 2m distance where possible.

I’m concerned over the accuracy of Lateral Flow Tests, what is the University’s position on this?

Lateral flow testing forms part of the national approach in combating Covid-19 and we continue to support the Scottish Government’s approach to minimising its spread through our asymptomatic testing centre along with other arrangements.