If you would like to make any changes to your accommodation contract, please email studentaccomm@abdn.ac.uk

If you have chosen to move out and be released from your contract

If you still have your keys/keycard, please return them via post to the following address: Hillhead Halls of Residence, Don Street, Old Aberdeen, AB24 1WU.

For security, the keys must be returned in a padded envelope and a note inside giving your name, ID number and hall address.

If you have already vacated your room and have any personal items remaining in your room, these will remain secure until travel restrictions have been lifted for you to come and collect them.

If a return to campus is difficult for you once the travel restrictions have been lifted or you would prefer not to travel, we work closely with a storage company who can arrange to have your belongings collected and stored at a very reasonable cost, they can also deliver to your new accommodation at a date and time convenient to you. Please check their website www.flexistore.co.uk for pricing examples and quotes or call them on 01224 870000.

You may wish to organise your own courier to collect your belongings or alternatively, if you would like a friend/family member to collect your belongings, please email us with their details. If you do arrange for your belongings to be collected by another courier, you must advise us of the booking details as failure to do so may result in the courier being turned away.

If you are unable to travel when travel restrictions are lifted, we reserve the right to pack up your belongings. The University cannot take responsibility for any items within the bedroom or shared areas.

If you have chosen to stay in your accommodation

University halls of residence continue to operate and many of you will be staying on in your accommodation. Should you need any support during this time, please contact student.support@abdn.ac.uk.

What if I change my mind and decide I want to leave?

If you would like to make any changes to your accommodation contract, please email studentaccomm@abdn.ac.uk.

Collecting your belongings from University accommodation

Once you know when you are collecting your belongings, you will be required to follow a procedure for the collection of said items, this is to comply with the social distancing measures currently in place and to have a booking system in place for the safe removal of belongings.

Returning residents are asked to email hillheadstudentvillage@abdn.ac.uk confirming -

  1. Date and approximate time of arrival
  2. How many persons will be coming on site – we respectfully ask that there is only one other person.
  3. The wearing of their own PPE for the duration of their visit

Returning students will then be notified to say they have been booked in to be able to remove their belongings. We will also notify any residents currently living in the flats that a flatmate will be returning on the date requested.

We ask that all returning students come to the reception desk in the central building on both arrival and departure – this will allow staff to reactivate any room/ID cards, the completion of departure sheets and the handing in of any keys in after all belongings have been picked up as well as notifying us that residents are on site. There is anti-bacterial gel dispensers in the entrance to the central building for use on arrival and departure.

We ask that you email the address above with the details requested and we will process your request and reply with confirmation.

By following the above measures returning students will be provided with a safe, quick and efficient environment in which to remove of their belongings.

If you have further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.