Covid-19 testing for students travelling over winter break

25 November 2020

Dear student, 

I am pleased to let you know that we are now in a position to provide you with more information regarding lateral flow testing for those of you who are planning to leave your term time accommodation and join another household for the winter break. 

Free asymptomatic testing - testing of students with no symptoms of Covid-19 - will take place at the Butchart Centre on University Road from Monday November 30 until Friday December 11. The facility will be open daily, including the weekend from 8am to 8pm. 

It is acknowledged that PGR students may be continuing their research up until December 21, however if you would like to benefit from this testing to support safe travel, please ensure you discuss your preference for alternative arrangements to your work and study plans with your supervisor if you wish to leave at an earlier date. 

Lateral flow testing is available to students who do not have Covid-19 symptoms and are travelling from their term time accommodation to join another household for the winter break. If you have tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 90 days, and you have completed the required isolation period you should not take a test and you are able to travel home, without a further test. 

Lateral flow testing is not suitable for students wishing to travel overseas as some countries require confirmation of a negative PCR test.  A PCR test is a different type of test from the one being provided through this route. You can find more information about external organisations who provide PCR testing here.  

While voluntary, we would strongly encourage you to take the recommended two tests prior to travelling home – one test, followed by a second test three days later. 

Following two negative tests you should depart at the earliest opportunity - within 24 hours of receiving your second negative result. 

This is important for your own peace of mind when travelling to other areas of the country and will help protect your loved ones and the communities around you. This will be a vital tool in our collective efforts to break the chain of transmission and further spread of Covid-19. 

In-person teaching will cease at the end of the day on December 9, to allow everyone planning to travel prior to the winter break to be able to do so.  The flexibility of the blended learning approach means that teaching will continue online until term ends on December 18 and assessment will continue as planned.  

For more information, FAQs about lateral flow testing and to book an appointment, please see all the details here. 

While this testing should provide you with peace of mind about travelling to other areas during the winter break, it remains important that we all continue to adhere to FACTS: face coverings, avoid crowded places, clean hands regularly, two metre social distancing and self-isolate, and book a test through the NHS if you have symptoms.  


Best wishes, 

Debbie and Ruth 


Debbie Dyker 

Acting Director of Operations 


Ruth Taylor 

Vice-Principal (Education) 



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