Oceanlab is the sub-sea research facility of the University of Aberdeen. Our engineers lead the world in creating systems capable of operating down to 11000 metres (36000 feet) enabling our scientists to investigate life throughout the world’s oceans. We also offer testing and engineering services to industry through the Oceanlab Business Unit.

Located at Newburgh on the North Sea Coast, 20km north of the main University campus, Oceanlab is a unique organisation specialising in exploration of the world's oceans using unmanned robot vehicles known as landers, ROV operated tools, and long-term undersea observatories.

The Oceanlab 1 building contains engineering laboratories, high pressure chambers, vibration tables, immersion tanks and all facilities needed to design, build and test deep-sea systems.

Oceanlab 2 complements the technical facilities housed in Oceanlab 1. It provides fully networked office space for up to 35 persons. Specialised laboratory spaces accommodate examination and sorting of preserved biological specimens (such as rare fish) and biogeochemical analyses.