Conference Papers

  • 'The Digital Millennium: Challenges and Opportunities', Future of Millennial Studies, TCD September 2010
  • Applying IBM LanguageWare to the 1641 Depositions Corpus, Poster presentation, SDH 2010 Vienna, October 2010 'Natural Language Processing and Early Modern Dirty Data', Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities, November 2010.

Forthcoming Papers

  • Applying LanguageWare to an Early Modern English Corpus: A Methodology The Language of the 1641 Depositions The 1641 Depositions and the Minutes of the Antrim Ministers' Meeting - A Comparative Linguistic Study


  • The 1641 Depositions Corpus, History Seminar TCD. LanguageWare and the 1641 Depositions, U. of Aberdeen.


  • October 2010 (With Barbara Fennell) Poster presented at joint Clarin/DARIAH conference in Vienna on using IBM LanguageWare to the 1641 Depositions.