• The 'Poore yong English woman' and the 'great Lustie Irish woman': Constructions of Vulnerability in the 1641 Depositions. - Invited talk, Aston University English Research Seminars, 2ndNovember 2010
  • (with O'Regan, D.) 'Women in the 1641 Depositions: Creating Lexical Portraits with Wordsmith and Omeka'. - Poster presentation, Supporting the Digital Humanities, Vienna, Austria, 18 October 2010.
  • Functions of direct reported speech in 17th and 21st Century witness testimony: The Language of Law: Pulling Together Different Strands & Disciplines  -  International Workshop, Casserta, Italy, 17-18 June 2010.

In Progress

  • Lexical Portraits of Vulnerable Women in War: The 1641 Depositions - Intended publication: Historical Pragmatics. Estimated submission date 5th February 2011
  • "Rather moveing loathing than lust": The 'absence' of rape in the 1641 Depositions. - Intended publication: Gender & History/Discourse & Society. Estimated submission date: 28th February 2011
  • 'The 1641 Depositions: The Case for Historical Forensic Linguistics'. Abstract accepted for inclusion at the Hellenic Association for the Study of English "The Letter of the Law": Law Matters in Language and Literature, 5th €“ 8th May 2011
  • 'Rogues, Villaines & Base Trulls: Constructing the 'Other' in the 1641 Depositions'. Chapter for inclusion in proceedings of 2010 1641 conference (via Elaine Murphy, TCD); abstract submitted; draft expected March 2011.  
  • (with Rui Sousa Silva) ''...and other words to this effecte': Textual Borrowing in 17th Century Quasi-legal Discourse' Poster proposal accepted for inclusion at the International Association of Forensic Linguists' Biennial Conference, Birmingham, July 2011
  • 'Thincketh, beleeveth, conceeveth: Bases for knowledge in mediated reports of atrocity' paper to be presented at the 'Language & Linguistic Evidence in the 1641 Depositions' Dissemination Conference, February 2011