Binding Prices

All payments must be made by 4.15pm

The Print Shop will be closed for lunch between 12pm - 1pm until further notice. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Binding Prices

Printing of Thesis is additional to the above prices.
(Black & white printing 6p per page, colour 35p per page)

Printing is subject to availability. On hand in days binding must take priority and the printing service may not be available.

We only accept PDF files for printing (one file only please!)
colour options - black, navy, green or wine hard binding
University Regulation style*
(Ready in 4 working days)
please see service timetable here
  • up to 2 copies £29.70 each
  • 3 or more copies £26.95 each
Maximum of 420 pages per copy can be bound. If a thesis has more than 420 pages, this will be bound as two volumes 
If you require a faster service we also offer a 2 day or 3 day service. This is accepted at the discretion of the bindery and is not always available. The cost for 2 day service is an extra charge of £19.95 per volume and the 3 day service is an extra charge of £11.25 per volume.
Prices based on 4 lines of title lettering (1 line = 38 characters which includes spaces and punctuation). There is an additional charge of £3.50 per line in excess of these 4 lines. 4 full working days is the standard completion time. In exceptional circumstances it may take longer. An additional charge will be made if the thesis does not fall within University Regulations.
V.I.P. Hard Binding (ideal for Reports etc)
(1 Hour service without lettering) with lettering same day if submitted by 10.30 am
please see service timetable (same as card binding) here
colour options - black or wineVIP Binding
  • up to 100 pages £8.70
  • 101 to 150 pages £9.80
  • 151 to 220 pages £10.25
  • 221 to 340 pages £11.40
V.I.P. Hard Binding (Lettering) £3.50 per line gold
1 line of text to contain 35 characters
(Same day service if submitted by 10.30 am)
please see service timetable (same as card binding) here
We can also gold block with your logo prices on application
Gold blocked University Crest on cover = £2.95


Metal style
(30 minute service)
colour options - black or wine
  • up to 100 pages £4.50
  • 101 to 150 pages £5.15
  • 151 to 220 pages £5.75
  • 221 to 340 pages £7.10
Card stylecard binding
Same day service if submitted by 10.30am
please see service timetable here

colour card options - white, green, pink or blue
  • up to 100 pages £6.10
  • 101 to 250 pages £7.80
  • 251 to 420 pages £9.10
Comb & Ring styleComb Binding
(30 minute service)
colour options - black, navy or red
  • up to 100 pages £1.98
  • 101 to 150 pages £2.48
  • 151 to 220 pages £3.98
  • 221 to 310 pages £4.98  
Lettered samples of all the above styles are available for inspection at The Print Shop.

BOXESBox Making

  • Slip case £25.00
  • Drop back box
         £40.00 unlettered
         £50.00  lettered    
Should you have any other Binding requests, the Bindery will be more than happy to discuss them with you. We also offer a personal Binding Service at the discretion of the Bindery. All prices based on 80g paper, but does not include printing.

Additional Charges

Price of University Regulation Hard Binding includes the insertion of up to 10 correction pages per volume, when converting from our Card Soft Binding.
  • Pockets: £1.25 for standard plastic pocket
  • Pockets with gusset = £10.20
  • Cover with gusset = £30.20
Prices for other services or special requirements are available on request.
An additional charge will be made should a thesis contain over-sized maps or require legits to be inserted as follows (charges will be made per order not per copy/volume):
  • Legits for 5 - 10 folds = £2.85
  • Legits for 11 - 19 folds = £5.45
  • Legits for 10 - 30 folds = £6.95
  • Legits for 31 - 50 folds = £9.70
  • Over 50 - consult with binder

Margins and folded papers or plates

To ensure that text or folded plates are not cut off during the trimming process make sure that the margins are adequate. (diagram can be found here)
Margins should be at least 35mm on the binding edge and 15mm on all other edges.
Folded material is at least 5mm short of the foredge. This ensures that there will be no loss of text when trimming. A charge will be made for refolding thesis.
Please ensure that ALL pages are correctly placed in their proper order as we DO NOT check or change your pages once work has commenced.
If the customer makes errors, this will result in extra charges being levied, after consultation with the Bindery.
Private work can now be undertaken at the discretion of the Bindery