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Information for Schools

Secondary schools throughout the east coast of Scotland can participate in this project and help to address the question how climate change (milder winders) influences the germination and establishment of tree mallow. The projects will be highly illustrative to pupils with respect to conserving and enhancing biodiversity and the role climate change plays in the rapid spread of non-native plant species in Scotland. If you are a pupil or a school teacher and are interested in getting involved please get in touch.

We intend to have schools in different parts of Scotland that are subject to different winter weather involved and, during biology lessons, allow pupils to pot up plants and follow how the plants grow during the winter and spring as the weather changes. In addition a selected number of secondary schools throughout Lothian and Five will be invited to participate in simple hands-on educational projects at the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick. This will include measurements on tree mallow seedlings that have been exposed to a range of different winter temperatures and, weather allowing, an inspiring boat trip around the Bass Rock and Craigleith to seabird islands influenced by tree mallow.

For further details please contact Annie Truscott or Rene van der Wal

SNH staff involved in temperature gradient study School children involved in temperature gradient study Frost damage to tree mallow plant
SNH staff and school children involved in temperature gradient study
Frost damage