Microsoft Internet Assistant for Word

Internet Assistant is available as a self-extracting archive. You should read the set-up instructions.

General Information

Internet Assistant allows you to create documents for the WWW, using Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows.

Internet Assistant is designed for ease of use. Because it works from within Microsoft Word, many of the familiar Word functions can be used, such as copying and pasting, spelling and grammar checks. In addition, toolbar buttons are provided for inserting images and hypertext links, lists, horizontal rules, etc.

Internet Assistant is particularly useful for converting existing Word documents into HTML format (using the Save As... HTML menu commands). Please Note, however, that any pasted-in graphics in the original Word document will be lost during the conversion process. Furthermore, this version of Internet Assistant does not support HTML tables. Any tables in your original Word document will be converted into pre-formatted text in the final HTML document, rather than into HTML tables. If you want to convert your Word document tables into real HTML tables, then there are several conversion tools which can do this: see HTML Converters for details. In particular, Table Generator is very useful for this purpose.

Similarly, if you want to create visually complex web pages, with a high level of graphical content and control over page layout, then The Natscape Navigator 3.0 Gold Editor is probably a better tool than Internet Assistant.

Setup instructions for Internet Assistant (Windows 3.1):

  1. For easiest cleanup, first create a new temporary subdirectory on your system's hard disk and place WORDIA.EXE within that subdirectory.
    NOTE: Do not use the WINWORD nor WINWORD\INTERNET subdirectories, or Setup will fail.
  2. From File Manager, double-click the self-extracting file, WORDIA.EXE.
  3. After WORDIA.EXE completes the self-extraction process, double-click SETUP.EXE.

Instructions for using Internet Assistant:

A tutorial workbook entitled HTML3: HTML Authoring Using Internet Assistant is available from the Computing Centre, price 80p. This is recommended for novice users.

Instructions for the use of Internet Assistant can be found in the online Help included in this product. Choose Internet Assistant for Word Help from the Help menu.

Advanced Note:

It is also possible to make Word-format documents available on the Web, without necessarily converting them into HTML at all. The .doc file is simply placed inside your public.htm directory and given the appropriate permissions, using the www.publish command, and referenced with a tag such as:
<a href="filename.doc">my Word document</a>
The end user can view such documents using either their own copy of Word, configured as a helper application, or alternatively the Microsoft Word Viewer, a free product that displays Word files for users who do not own Word itself.
Word Viewer is available from
But be very careful that any Word documents distributed on the Web in this way do not contain Macro-type viruses! - see Word Macro Viruses for more details.

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