Making transparent GIF images

The GIF89a image file format allows you to specify that one colour in the image will be treated as transparent by a web browser. Giftrans is a tool that will enable you to create such transparent GIFs.

To use Giftrans:

  1. Download a copy of the executable program file:
  2. Read the documentation for giftrans
  3. If you are using the UNIX version, rename the program file as follows:
     mv giftrans.exe giftrans
    and make sure that the program file giftrans is executable:
    chmod u+x giftrans
  4. Use the giftrans program from the DOS or the UNIX prompt as follows:
    To convert the white background of a gif file to transparent, use:
       giftrans -t #ffffff file.gif > transparentfile.gif  

Easier Alternatives:

If the above command-line program is too esoteric for you, then you might like to consider the following tools:

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