Net Attache Light - a Web retrieval agent

About Net Attache Light:

Net Attache Light (for Windows 3.1) is an automated Web page retrieval agent. This means that it will download a set of Web pages (with or without in-line images) and store them on your local hard disk, while you are doing other things. You can then view the downloaded pages offline at your convenience, using either Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Sets of URLs to download can be stored in files called "brief organisers", which can easily be edited and customised.

Net Attache Light also has a built-in "spider", which follows links out of any pages visited, to a specified depth. For example, when the spider is set at depth level one for a Web page, only that page will be retrieved. At depth level two, the spider will also retrieve, and store on your disk, all other Web pages referenced from the first page. You can set depth levels up to 99, although beyond level 4 the amount of information retrieved may become overwhelming. You can, however, specify that no external links (pages that are not located at the site of the Web page's URL) should be followed, which makes it theoretically possible to download an entire Web site with this tool.

See a picture of Net Attache Light in use (15kb).


  1. This version of Net Attache is free for academic use. Download the file nal16.exe (476 kb) and save it on your hard disk.
  2. In Windows, run the file nal16.exe to start the setup program. You will be prompted for a directory name in which to install the program.
  3. When the program is installed, you can delete the file nal16.exe.
  4. The program includes a set of informative help-files, and a tutorial page, which will automatically be loaded the first time you start the program.

For further information, or to obtain the Professional shareware version of the program, see

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