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Web Surveys

Web surveys at the University of Aberdeen

This site is intended to give guidance as to how to conduct web surveys at the University of Aberdeen. If you wish to create a survey for use at the University of Aberdeen, please consult the Guidelines and the How to... guides. To book a survey, please use the booking form.

The policies and guidelines were approved at the Information Strategy Committee (ISC) held on 30th January 2008 and subsequently by the University Management Group (UMG) held on 28th February 2008.

Surveys at the University of Aberdeen are primarily conducted via the web. The goal is to obtain the highest number of responses without creating apathy due to too many survey requests.



To ensure surveys are conducted responsibly and attain the best response rates, a number of guidelines and policies have been created. Make sure you read these before you submit your survey for approval.

How to...

Our How to... section provides information on how to build your survey. If you are new to creating surveys, have a read of this to find out how to obtain the optimum response rate.

Booking Form

Surveys that are to be sent to staff and students at the university must be approved in advance. Submit your survey using the online booking form.

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