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Chemistry students perform practical work with state-of-the-art instrumentation and staff include internationally recognised researchers in material, biomolecular and environmental chemistry.

Why Aberdeen?

  • Our flexible range of courses offers both general and specialised degrees
  • All lecturing staff are active researchers in one or more of the areas of research strength of the Department: Materials Chemistry, Biomolecular and Medicinal Chemistry, and Environmental Chemistry
  • Innovative methods for learning and teaching ensure that students develop skills in computing and IT, problem solving, and personal skills, in addition to the core theoretical and practical principles of chemistry



Our Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Oil and Gas Chemistry degrees are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry to fulfil the academic requirements for AMRSC and eventual progression to Chartered Chemist (CChem) status.

Study Abroad

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The Aberdeen Difference

The opportunity to take Enhanced Study options as part of your degree and participate in co-curricular activities. See for more information.

Environmental or Sustainability Content

Degree programmes in this discipline area contain Environmental or Sustainability Content.

First Year

Students study introductory courses in Chemistry, alongside other courses which need not necessarily be science related. There is plenty of choice at this level.

Second Year

The four chemistry courses cover all the main areas of chemistry, including Forensic Analytical Chemistry, and take up half the workload. Four more courses are selected from other departments, usually in science.

Third Year (Junior Honours)

In third year, students spend the majority of their time studying chemistry, including laboratory classes with state-of-the-art instrumentation dedicated to teaching.

Fourth Year (Senior Honours)

All students choose from a range of topics in specialised areas of chemistry, and receive training in methods of research. BSc students undertake a personal research project in fourth year.


MChem students have group-based practicals on advanced instrumental techniques and a mini-project in fourth year. The MChem personal research project is in fifth year, and usually involves a placement in Europe. For specialised degrees, some courses are replaced by specified courses in other departments.

Teaching and Assessment

In first year, traditional lectures and practical classes are now integrated with the support provided by the University’s Virtual Learning Environment, MyAberdeen. At higher levels, tutorials, individual and group project work, and essay and oral presentations, together with a rapidly increasing range of computer-based learning aids, also form part of the programme.


Chemistry graduates are very employable because a degree in chemistry opens many opportunities in areas such as drug development, environmental protection, food chemistry, petroleum chemistry, forensic science and materials development. It is also considered to be an excellent preparation for  a career in business in particular because of the skills developed in problem solving and numeracy.

Finding your direction

There are many opportunities at the University of Aberdeen to develop your knowledge, gain experience and build a competitive set of skills to enhance your employability. This is essential for your future career success.  The Careers Service can help you to plan your career and support your choices throughout your time with us – from first to final year – and beyond.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

SQA Highers - AABB*
A Levels - BBB*
IB - 32 points, 5 at HL*
ILC - AAABB (B1 or B2 required)*
*Including good performance in Chemistry and another Mathematics/Science subject.

Advanced Entry - Advanced Highers ABB, A Levels ABB, or IB 34 points (6 at HL), including Chemistry at A and another Mathematics/Science subject.

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