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Mathematics is the cornerstone of modern society. From the security of passwords to weather predictions, from MRI scanners to CGI movies, mathematics underpins it all. Scientific advances, technological improvements, financial services, communications and engineering: all depend on sound mathematical foundations. The need for well trained mathematicians has never been greater.


The MSc in Mathematics prepares students for meeting this need. It aims to develop students' logical and analytical abilities, problem solving skills, and aptitude for thinking abstractly.

The programme gives students the flexibility to decide the topics of most interest to them. It is possible to study a wide range of subjects, or to focus more on a single subject area. A distinguishing feature from taught MSc's at other institutions is the ability to choose mathematical courses from a range of disciplines, including computing, physics and biology.

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For further information about the programme or to discuss your application, please contact the Graduate School Admissions Unit.


This is a 12 month programme, consisting of three courses in the first half session, three courses in the second half session, and a dissertation during the summer.

First Half Session – September to January

Two of the following three courses are required:

  • Analysis 1
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry/Topology 1

One further course is required, to be chosen from the list above or from the following:

  • Measure Theory
  • Galois Theory
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory
  • Logic and Categories
  • Modelling of Biological Systems 
  • Reading Project 1

Second Half Session – February to June

Three courses from the following must be chosen:

  • Analysis 2
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry/Topology 2
  • Knot Theory
  • Geometry
  • Number Theory
  • Algebraic Topology
  • Reflection Groups
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Reading Project 2

Summer Project/Dissertation - June to September

The summer project is taken under the supervision of an assigned academic supervisor in the department. Students will investigate in depth a specialist topic, write a dissertation on this topic which is mathematically rigorous and of a high standard, and present the topic to a board of examiners.


Assessment is by course work, by written examination or by a combination of these as prescribed for each course. The summer project will be assessed by dissertation. The degree of MSc shall not be awarded to a candidate who fails to complete the summer project at an appropriate standard, irrespective of their performance in other courses.


"I have worked for many years in Investment Banking including twelve years as a CFO in Asia and Europe. In my work I continue to appreciate the good foundation my mathematical studies have given me. This is both in terms of a disciplined approach to problem solving as well as dealing with today's complex banking products. It has also been essential that strong mathematical knowledge extends across my teams as they perform critical risk management functions.

I would encourage anyone with an interest in a career in Finance to study mathematics as a route for developing the skills and understanding required. Furthermore, in-depth mathematical knowledge is an ideal introduction to a wide range of banking careers from accounting and control to trading and structuring derivatives or other investment products."

Richard Croydon
Private Investment COO

Former CFO Global Equities, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
Former CFO Asia, ING


The minimum requirement is the equivalent of an upper second class UK Honours degree in Mathematics. 

It is important when submitting an application that you ensure you have completed all the necessary sections and enclosed all the relevant documentation to ensure that your application can be processed as quickly as possible.

Even if you have been educated in the medium of English you must meet our English Language requirements. These are located at This programme requires that you meet the 'Postgraduate Standard' level of English proficiency. If you are in doubt about your proficiency in English, contact the British Council office or its equivalent in your country. If your first language is not English, it is important that your proficiency in English is good in order for you to study successfully at the University of Aberdeen . Without this ability you will find great difficulty in understanding lectures, producing written work and sitting examinations.

We have one intake of students each year in September. Late applications may be asked to wait until the next intake should the programme coordinator feel there is insufficient time to consider the application. Prospective students who require a visa to study in the UK are advised to apply as early in the year as possible to secure a place. Applications received after 30th June from students who need to apply for a visa to study in the UK will not be processed for entry in September of that year but may be considered for entry the following year as appropriate.

It is important to note that the programmes of postgraduate study at the University of Aberdeen are very competitive and the entry requirements stated are a guide to the minimum requirements, but do not guarantee entry.


Information on tuition fees, including the current fee level, can be found on the University Registry website.



Funding opportunities can be found in our searchable Funding Database. You are advised to search the database as a broad range of funding exists much of which you may be eligible for.

A list of funding opportunties is also maintained on the College of Physical Sciences Funding Page.


University of Aberdeen Alumni Discount Scheme

The University of Aberdeen is very pleased to offer a 20% discount on postgraduate tuition fees for all alumni who have graduated (or about to graduate) with a degree from the University of Aberdeen. More Information


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