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Image © Hildesheim, St Godehard
Psalm: 26
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Historical Relevance: This section of psalm text had a particular relevance to Christina although it is not quoted in her Life.. She was hidden away by Roger, forsaken by her parents and struggled to evade those who questioned her married status. Unjust witnesses gossiped about her relationship with Geoffrey. He has hidden me in his tent in the day of evils he has shielded me in the concealed place of his tabernacle...my father and my mother have forsaken me: but the lord has taken me for himself. Give me lord a law in your way: and direct me in the right path because of my enemies. Do not hand me over in the will of them that trouble me: because unjust witnesses have risen up against me: and iniquity has lied to itself. The meaning is similar to psalm 37 (p146) whose words Christina uttered in her distress
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