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Support, advice, IT tools. Meetings. Equality & Diversity training. Co-curriculum. Employability. Graduate attributes. Exam preparation and reflection. Feedback.


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Background and Communications

Background information on Personal Tutors, including previous communications.

The Personal Tutor System

In September 2013, the University introduced a system of Personal Tutors for all undergraduate students (with the exception of Medicine where the Regent scheme continues). This Personal Tutor system provides general support to students in matters such as achievement of the Graduate Attributes, Employability, Co-curricular opportunities and feedback as well as a pastoral support role.  

All members of academic staff undertake a role as a personal tutor and will be assigned a group of tutees from within their School or discipline.  As far as possible, tutees will remain with the same personal tutor throughout their studies.  Through this continuity of contact a meaningful and supportive tutor/ tutee relationship will be established. 

Any Questions?

Staff who have queries about the scheme should email or contact their Senior Personal Tutor who will raise the query at the Senior Personal Tutor Forum.  You may also like to look at the Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the overview documents about Personal Tutors and Tutees.