Our Vision and Commitment

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Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Report 

Interim Equality and Diversity Mainstreaming and Equality Outcomes Report April 2015

The University is fully committed to equality for all its staff and students. Equality and Diversity issues relating to both staff and students are the responsibility of the University Court.

The University’s vision is to strive to create an inclusive culture which celebrates the diversity of the University’s staff and students. In recognising that this diversity brings new and engaging perspectives and enriches the experience of all who work, study and visit the University we will take a proactive approach to embedding and mainstreaming the principles of Equality and Diversity by:

  • Driving the agenda at the highest strategic level and throughout the University
  • Communicating the Equality and Diversity Vision and the University’s expectations widely to all staff and students
  • Challenging prejudice and discrimination
  • Sharing experiences and good practice
  • Educating staff and students on Equality and Diversity and their responsibilities
  • Engaging staff and students on Equality and Diversity matters

The Policy Zone houses documents related to Equality and Diversity.

Further information is available from the University's Equality and Diversity Adviser, Janine Chalmers or telephone +44 (0)1224 273883.

The University also has a dedicated diversity e-mail account diversity@abdn.ac.uk which you can use if you prefer.

The University was delighted to launch its Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Equality Scheme in April 2013. 

The Scheme demonstrates the University’s continued commitment to fully embedding Equality and Diversity principles across the whole University. An interim report on progress with the Scheme was published in April 2015.

If you would like to comment on the Scheme, please e-mail diversity@abdn.ac.uk.

The outcomes have been developed in consultation with staff, students and external partners, and include an action plan setting out the University’s aims for 2013-2017. If you have any comments or queries about the report, please contact diversity@abdn.ac.uk.

The University of Aberdeen is committed to equality of opportunity for its students and employees. As well as implementing our legislative duties we are striving to become a Higher Education Institution which is recognised for its good practice in this area.

In the employment context we are developing and implementing a range of policies and procedures that promote equality and diversity to ensure our employees are treated fairly, are aware of their duties and have equality of opportunity throughout their career with us.

We also recognise that these are equally important issues for our student community. Much of the strength of a university education lies in the exposure of students to different perspectives from a diverse peer group. We are committed to continuously improving and reviewing our approach to widening access, developing student support services and nurturing the diverse learning environment which benefits all students.

Further details on all the University's approach to these issues can be found on this web page and via the links for employees and students. If you would like to discuss any issue related to equality and diversity further then please contact Janine Chalmers, or alternatively diversity@abdn.ac.uk.

Professor Neva Haites OBE

Vice Principal for Development (with responsibility for Equality and Diversity).