Gaelic / Gàidhlig

Learn more about the University’s Gaelic Plan and some of the Gaelic initiatives and events going on across the University.

Ionnsaichibh barrachd mu Phlana Gàidhlig an Oilthigh agus cuid de na h-iomairtean is tachartasan Gàidhlig a tha a’ ruith air feadh an Oilthigh.

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Taghaibh Gàidhlig no Beurla bho na ceanglaichean sìos an-seo:

University archway

English Pages

Find out about our Gaelic Plan and how it is implemented within the University.

University archway, campus

Duilleagan Gàidhlig

Ionnsaichibh barrachd mun Phlana Gàidhlig againn is ciamar a tha e air a chur an gnìomh aig an Oilthigh.