Business Improvement

The function of the Business Improvement Team is to facilitate and catalyse, remove barriers, and help groups work better together, with the overall aim of improving the university for students, staff and other partners.

In establishing a Business Improvement Team, the University of Aberdeen has recognised that we must:

  • Introduce a culture of continuous improvement in the University.
  • Ensure that all our processes meet existing and emerging needs.
  • Maximise all of our resources in the delivery of our services.

lean philosophy

The Lean Philosophy

Using the "Lean" philosophy and other improvement tools, the Business Improvement Team lead and guide improvement projects across the university.

Introducing Lean at the University of Aberdeen helps to:

  • Improve delivery of the core university activities - research and teaching, adding value to everything that we do.
  • Reduce administrative burden.
  • Improve operational effectiveness and increase capacity, i.e. work better and accomplish more.
  • Free up time, energy and funds for investment in other areas of the university.