Beyond Perception 15

A multidisciplinary symposium was held in Aberdeen from 1 September until 4 September 2015. The symposium, aptly titled Beyond Perception 15, addressed Tim Ingold's work over the last fifteen years since the publication of his prominent book The Perception of the Environment in 2000. The symposium commenced with a dialogue between Tim Ingold, Gisli Palsson and Amiria Salmond with David G. Anderson as discussant. Five plenary sessions followed the next day with renowned or upcoming invited scholars from a variety of disciplines. The five sessions were based both on Ingold's work as well as on the four themes (Anthropology of the North, Environment and Perception, Creativity and Knowledge, and Religion, Belief and Practice) that currently underpin research in the Department of Anthropology. The symposium considered ways in which a variety of scholars have taken up Ingold's work as well as the priority themes of the Department. Interweaving anthropology, archaeology, geography, cognitive sciences, natural sciences, art, and architecture, the symposium has explored innovative ways of conducting research through visual, performative, auditory or multi-sensory engagements.

The five topics and the speakers for the plenary sessions were:

i) Humans, Animals, Environment

Keynote: Colin Scott and Laura Rival. Speakers: Marianne Lien, Carlos Sautchuk, Clint Westman

ii) Sensibilities Beyond Science

Keynote: Hugh Raffles. Speakers: Kate Fayers-Kerr, Lieve Oyre, Johan Rasanayagam

iii) Experiment, Experience, Education

Speakers: Elizabeth de Freitas, Trevor Marchand, Ricardo Nemirovsky, Sarah Pink, Phillip Vannini

iv) Creativity, Correspondence, and Description

Keynote: Stuart McLean. Speakers: Carl Knappett, Ray Lucas, Elizabeth Ogilvie, Amanda Ravetz

v) Movement, Becomings, and Growth

Keynote: Christina Toren. Speakers: Lambros Malafouris, Ricardo Nemirovsky, Glaucia Silva


After the final plenary session, there was a one half-day session for early career researchers and postgraduate students as well as a performance session and a roundtable on education session. Besides these three sessions, the symposium hosted an exhibition during the four days.  

Beyond Perception 15 has been sponsored jointly by the ERC-projects Arctic Domus and Knowing From the Inside with support from The Royal Anthropological Institute.