Language & Linguistics

In Language & Linguistics courses available at Aberdeen, you can discover (among many other things!):

  • how all languages are basically the same underneath
  • why chimpanzees and dolphins cannot be taught to talk
  • the social forces behind the development of Standard English
  • why women are thought to speak more correctly than men
  • why Swedish is more closely related to Hindi than it is to Finnish
  • how voice-recognition software works
  • the truth behind the assertion that a language is a dialect with an army and a navy
  • why Inuit don't really have a hundred words for snow
  • why language change isn't always (or ever) for the worse
  • how to decipher texts in extinct languages
  • why Colourless green ideas sleep furiously is a grammatically coherent sentence
  • why we use hand gestures even when talking on the phone
  • why it's true to say that everyone has an accent
  • how criminals can be identified using voice profiling
  • how to design and carry out your own linguistic survey or experiment