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NB I now work at the University of Amsterdam. I still work for the Northern Institute of Philosophy, taking care of this AHRC research project, but this web page may not be updated regularly anymore.

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Address: Department of Philosophy King's College, High Street Old Brewery OBG14 Aberdeen AB24 3UB


I have obtained my PhD in philosophy at the University of Venice-Ca’Foscari; two postdocs: one in theoretical philosophy at the University of Padua, one in ontology at the Sorbonne of Paris, where I have been a Chaire d'Excellence fellow at the IHPST-CNRS; and a scholarship in philosophy of mind at the University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA).

I have lectured in ontology and metaphysics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris and at the Universities of Padua and Milan-San Raffaele; in logic and philosophy of science at the University of Venice and at the SSIS (School of Specialization for High School Professors) of Venice and Padua; I have been an invited professor at the Institut Wiener Kreis of the University of Vienna, and a research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Notre Dame.

I won the 2007 Castiglioncello Prize for young philosophers for the book Teorie dell'assurdo, Rome (english edition: How to Sell a Contradiction, London)

Research Interests

My AOC: Continental philosophy (AOS: Hegel’s dialectic, continental rationalist philosophers); Ontology & Metaphysics (AOS: Meinongian ontology, coincident objects, ontological commitment, modal metaphysics); Philosophy of logic (AOS: logical paradoxes, paraconsistent logics, Gödel’s incompleteness theorems, impossible worlds); Philosophy of language (AOS: inferential semantics, non-standard model-theoretic semantics); and Philosophy of computation (AOS: cellular automata).

My favourite philosopher is Ludwig Wittgenstein, and my favourite book is the Tractatus logico-philosophicus. I love logical paradoxes, for I think they point at ineffable truths – and I like those philosophers that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Research Grants

2010 Ca' Foscari Research Prize, University of Venice, € 10,000.

2010-11 One-year research fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study, University of Notre Dame (USA), $ 58,000.

2010-12 Two-year research grant at the Department of Philosophy, University of Venice: "The Gödel Paradox and Wittgenstein's Reasons", € 28,000.

2013-15 Two-year AHRC Early Career Researcher grant at the Northern Institute of Philosophy: "The Metaphysical Basis of Logic", £ 240,000. (Stay tuned!)

Teaching Responsibilities

UG courses: Metaphysics (Sub-Hons), Ontology (Hons), Logical Paradoxes (Hons).

PG courses: Conference Skills.

External Responsibilities

I run the entries "Dialetheism" (with Graham Priest), "Cellular Automata" (with Jacopo Tagliabue), and "Impossible Worlds" of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

I am a consultant of iLabs Milan, the research laboratory in applied Artificial Intelligence.

I have refereed for the Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Philosophical QuarterlyDialectica, MindPhilosophical StudiesReview of Symbolic Logic, Journal of Philosophical Logic, Logique et Analyse, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Erkenntnis, Synthèse, Australasian Journal of Logic, Analytic PhilosophyLogica Universalis, Disputatio, Southern Journal of Philosophy, Continuum, and Oxford University Press.

Admin Responsibilities

Disciplinary Leader of Research for Philosophy.

Member of the Research Committee, School of Divinity, History and Philosophy.

Member of the REF Working Group, College of Arts and Social Sciences.

Office Hours

Mondays 11:00-12:30PM, Old Brewery OBG14.


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