Systematic Theology

The University of Aberdeen has a long-established international reputation for excellence in theological research, publication and teaching, and a flourishing community of graduate students from the UK and overseas. Systematic theology is a major research concentration. The department has one of the largest groups of post-graduate research students in the field in the UK, attracted by the publications of its teachers and by its positive ethos; many students come to study topics in constructive Christian doctrine or the theologies of classical and modern Christian thinkers. Students can expect rigorous training in the history and contemporary articulation of Christian doctrine through attentive supervision and an extensive programme of seminars. 

There are close working relations with those undertaking research in other theological fields, especially moral, philosophical and practical theology, the history of Christianity, and the study of Scripture.

Supervision is offered in all areas of systematic theology. In particular expertise is available in the following areas:

Professor Paul T Nimmo

Staff Profile

  • Constructive systematic theology
  • Historical and contemporary Reformed theology
  • Historical and contemporary Scottish theology
  • The doctrine of God
  • Christology and soteriology
  • Ecclesiology and sacramentology
  • The theology of Friedrich Schleiermacher
  • The theology of Karl Barth

Professor Tom Greggs

Staff Profile

  • Ecclesiology
  • Pneumatology
  • Soteriology and eschatology, especially universalism
  • Theologies of the religions and Inter-faith conversation
  • Public and political theology
  • Historical theology, especially Origen and the constructive use of patristic sources
  • Evangelical theologies
  • Wesley
  • Karl Barth
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dr Philip G Ziegler

Staff Profile

  • Contemporary Christian dogmatics, including postliberal and public theologies
  • Eschatology, theology and apocalyptic
  • The doctrines of justification and election
  • Christology and soteriology
  • The theological bases of Christian ethics and politics
  • History of modern Protestant theology, in particular the theologies of Karl Barth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Søren Kierkegaard

Dr Donald Wood

Staff Profile

  • Constructive Christian dogmatics
  • History of modern Christian theology in the West
  • The doctrine of Scripture and its transformation in modern theology
  • Theological exegesis, the theology of Karl Barth, the political and ethical dimensions of Christian doctrine

Overview of the PhD