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Title page, Airs and Melodies

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Title page, Airs and Melodies
ID JSS0532
Title Title page, Airs and Melodies
Document Reference Hend inst Fra a
Format 251 x 350 mm
Medium Printed page
Item Type Printed Collection
Subject Scottish Music, Title page, Airs & Melodies
Item Description This is the second edition of Simon Fraser of Knockie's 'Airs and Melodies Peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and the Isles', originally published in 1816. Like Donald Dow (JSS0529, JSS0530), Fraser's (1773-1852) native language was Gaelic. He collected the melodies for many Gaelic songs. This edition was edited by his illegitimate son, Angus Fraser. Angus served in the Army for 25 years, rising to Colour Sergeant, and, after a medical discharge, returned home in 1845 to assist his father. The engraved figures of Niel Gow and a blind harper, as well as Fingal's Cave, were intended to relate the composer and his music to a wealth of the greatest of Scottish musicians. The same figures appear on Fraser's original frontispiece.
Creator Captain Simon Fraser
Editor Captain Simon Fraser
Publisher Hugh Mackenzie, Inverness
Time Period 1800-1900
Associated Dates: Publication 1874
Relationships JSS0533, JSS0534, JSS0535, JSS0536
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name The Airs and melodies peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and the isles, communicated in an Original, Pleasing and Familiar Style, Having the Lively Airs Introduced as medleys to form a sequence to each slower movement, with an Admired, Plain Harmony for the Piano Forte, Harp, Organ or Violoncello, Intended rather to preserve Simplicity than load with Embellishment


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