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Page 1 of 2, Letter to David Waterson

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Page 1 of 2, Letter to David Waterson
ID JSS0281
Title Page 1 of 2, Letter to David Waterson
Document Reference x/510/9 (12)
Format 200 x 255 mm
Medium Handwritten letter
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Scottish Music, Scott Skinner letter
Item Description Letter from Skinner to the artist David Waterson. He writes: My dear Artist friend, How art thou? I am in my ain Hoose having purchased this property & in a fine quiet environment & yet within 200 yard of Union St. I have one tenant down (on ground floor) & I am up above, then I have two tenants above me. Previous to this I have been 12 years a wanderer in Hotels. These are houses of refuge for bachelors. I had a shot at London recording a host of Melodies on Columbia Cos: Sidcs. These may soon be in the Market & 'My Life' is expected to appear in Feb: 'People's Journal' Dundee & may run some Weeks.' ['My Life' refers to the serialisation of his autobiography.]
Creator James Scott Skinner
Creator Manuscript James Scott Skinner
Time Period 1920's
Associated Dates: Manuscript Sunday 20 Jan 1923
Relationships JSS0278, JSS0279, JSS0280, JSS0282
Location Angus Archives
Collection Name David Waterson
Copyright copyright_angus.shtml


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