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Harp and Claymore Index, pages 4 and 5 of 8

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Harp & Claymore Index, pages 4 & 5 of 8
ID JSS0005
Title Harp & Claymore Index, pages 4 & 5 of 8
Document Reference MS2726
Format 224 x 250 mm
Medium pen with pencil annotations on lined foolscap paper
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Index, Harp & Claymore, handwritten.
Item Description Page 4 and 5 of 8 from the original Harp & Claymore index. Key signatures for each tune are in the left hand margin. Two sharps and a natural refer to pipe tunes in A major - the pipes cannot play G sharp. Composers' names are on the right hand side.
Creator James Scott Skinner
Creator Manuscript Gavin Greig
Time Period 1900s
Associated Dates: Creation c1903
Related Images MS2776; MS3088/1/11
Relationships JSS0002, JSS0003, JSS0004, JSS0006, JSS0007, JSS0008
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Harp & Claymore


University of Aberdeen

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