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Page 2 of 2, Gamut for the Harpsichord

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Page 2 of 2, Gamut for the Harpsichord
ID JSS0548
Title Page 2 of 2, Gamut for the Harpsichord
Document Reference MS2427
Format 250 x 198 mm
Medium Handwritten notes on music manuscript paper
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Instruction for Harpischord
Item Description From the music book of 'Catharine Jean Moir Fyvie January 1st 1790', written, presumably in her hand, within an engraved cartouche. She was learning the harpsichord with a methodical teacher. This page shows sharps, flats, naturals, dots, rests, graces (decorations), and time signatures.
Creator Catharine Jean Moir
Creator Manuscript Catharine Jean Moir
Time Period 1790s
Associated Dates: Creation 1790
Associated Dates: Manuscript January 1st, 1790
Relationships JSS0546, JSS0547
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Catharine Jean Moir, Collection of 82 Strathspeys, Reels, etc

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