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Bruce's March
Bruce's March Manuscript of Skinner's Bruce's March, in Gavin Greig's hand, so precise and clear, that the note stems could almost have been made with a ruler. To be played Boldly, the tempo is 112, slightly slower than two marching paces per second. The simple accompaniment consists mostly of octave quavers in...
Tullyveolan March
Tullyveolan March Skinner's Tullyveolan March, in the hand of the arranger, Herr Adolf Roloff; to be played risoluto - resolutely. 'Tullyveolan' seems to have been inserted later, as if Roloff had been uncertain of the title. The piece is set in 4 three-stave systems, the top stave for violin, the second and third for...
The Dear Auld Ha'
The Dear Auld Ha' Music in Skinner's and Greig's hands of an song arrangement of 'The Dear Auld Ha' [hame - home] by: Scott Skinner arr: by Gavin Greig'. At the left top Skinner writes that the words were 'Written by Late C. M. and Gramin - '. C. M. was probably Charles Middleton, Keith, who died in 1899, the year before...
The Dear Auld Ha'
The Dear Auld Ha' Verso of The Dear Auld Ha' page 1. Manuscript in Skinner's hand, piano part in Gavin Greig's hand. The page begins with the last two bars of The Dear Auld ha' (hame - home). At the bottom of the page, Skinner writes 'My dear Gavin Greig I am glad you have taken to these simple words. I add a short Sym[phony]...
The Dear Auld Ha'
The Dear Auld Ha' The Dear auld ha' [hame - home], page 3. This seems to be partially a reply to Greig about the book layout: 'Yes. Cradle Song Violin [three sharps, key signature for A major] Solo - then Do [ditto] - Song from under [a treble clef followed by two sharps, key signature for D major] or [a treble clef...
Twist Ye Twine Ye
Twist Ye Twine Ye The manuscript words for Twist ye, twine ye, in two hands, with Skinner's title and attribution: 'Written by Sir Walter Scott "Twist ye, twine ye"', with 'J Scott Skinner' in the top right corner. Verses two and three of Scott's poem (as set by Skinner), in two columns, are in a different hand. The...
Twist Ye Twine Ye
Twist Ye Twine Ye Skinner's (and Gavin Greig's) arrangement of Twist ye twine ye, without words. To the left is 'Written by Sir Walter Scott', with 'J. Scott Skinner' to the right. There are three staves of music, in four systems. The simple 4/4 melody, in E minor, is written mostly in four notes (crotchets) to each bar....
Twist Ye Twine Ye
Twist Ye Twine Ye The melody only, in Skinner's hand, of the song Twist ye twine Ye. 'Spinnin' Song' is to the left of the title, 'J. Scott Skinner' to the right. There are four staves of music, the tune on staves one and three. This version, where the melody is written in quavers, and in the key of F sharp minor, is...
To ane far awa
To ane far awa 'Song. W Carnie. "To ane far awa" by J. Scott Skinner arr[anged]: by Gavin Greig', in Skinner's hand, on pre-printed three-stave music paper. This appears to be Skinner's, rather than Greig's, arrangement. The melody in bars 1 and 3 is incorrectly notated: the first two notes should be dotted quavers...
To ane far awa - words
To ane far awa - words To Ane Far Awa' [away] - verses two and three of William Carnie's words, presumably in his hand; verse 2: 'Tis years, O langsome years, Tom, Since I last saw your face; And sometimes I hae [have] fears, Tom, Anither [another] fills my place. But, hap[pen] what will, or come what may, I'll ne'er forget,...

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