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Dr Tyler Stevenson is a Behavioural Neurobiologist. He received undergraduate training under the guidance of Dr. Scott MacDougall-Shackleton at the University of Western Ontario. Tyler then pursued graduate research training in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, at The Johns Hopkins University. There he worked under the supervision of Dr Gregory Ball and conducted a range of experiments that examined how environmental cues can regulate neural and genomic plasticity in the avian brain. After his graduate training, Tyler was a Research Fellow in the Institute for Mind and Biology at the University of Chicago. While in Chicago, Tyler worked closely with Dr. Brian Prendergast and identified marked light induced plasticity in DNA methylation within the adult mammalian brain and immune system. Tyler's work at the University of Aberdeen is currently focussed on identifying novel genomic and epigenomic mechanisms that underly the integration of environmental and endogenous signals; and how this plasticity at a mechanistic level leads to adaptive changes in physiology & behaviour.

Awards and Recognition:

2016 - EC Impact Federation of Association in Behavioral and Brain Sciences (SBN)

2015 - Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 

Research Interests

The laboratory is broadly interested in the biology of time; from unicellular organisms to more complex animals, including humans. We employ a wide range of methods to examine how time is represented and controlled at genomic, epigenomic, physiological and behavioural levels. Current questions focus on the role of reversible DNA methylation at targeted and genome-wide regions; for the regulation of 1) circannual rhythms in reproduction and metabolism; 2) female reproductive cycles; and 3) immune function.

Cruickshanks Garden; photo by the Curator Mark Paterson

Group members (left to right): Tyler Stevenson, Ruth Banks, Eloise Lynch, Chris Coyle, Emma Anderson. Photo taken by Mark Paterson, curator of Cruickshanks Botanical Garden.


Dr Perry Barrett (Rowett Institute for Nutrition and Health)
Dr Barbara Helm (University of Glasgow)
Professor Brian Prendergast (University of Chicago)

Research Grants

Research in the laboratory has been supported by:

Royal Soc. of Edinburgh British Soc. for Neuroendocrinology Soc. for Reproduction and FertilityThe Royal Society Of Edinburgh Logo           British Society for Neuroendocrinology                

Teaching Responsibilities

Thank you to the Hormones and Behaviour class of 2015 for the Award for Excellence in Teaching nomination! 

I am the organizer for the Institute for Biological and Environmental Sciences - Integrative and Environmental Physiology (IEP) seminar series. This consists of bi-weekly seminars presented by various laboratory personel (i.e. Group leaders, post-docs and graduate students) associated with the IEP division.

I am the co-creator and Director of the BSc Behavioural Biology and BSc Animal Behaviour undergraduate degrees. My primary teaching responsibility is the coordination of the Senior Honours course Hormones and Behaviour (ZO4817). I also provide supervision for undergraduate Honours thesis projects (BI4016) and essay titles (BI4017).

I provide a series of lectures in the Organismal Biology (BI1005), Animal Physiology (BI2508) and Environmental Physiology (ZO351) courses.

Admin Responsibilities

2015                  University of Aberdeen Aurora Leadership Selection Panel

2015                  Athen Swan Bronze Award School of Biological Sciences committee

2014-present       Co-director of the Behavioural Biology Undergraduate Program

2014-present       University of Aberdeen Animal Welfare and Ethics Review Board

Research Opportunities

Prospective Post-doctoral fellows

Individuals late in their graduate career or early post-doctoral training are encouraged to discuss positions in the laboratory. Independently funded researchers are always welcome and funded position will be available from time-to-time. The University has an excellent support system to assist with applications that could lead to permanent positions. Please visit the following sites:

For UK/EU: Marie Curie FellowsRoyal Society Isaac Newton FellowsRoyal Society Edinburgh Fellows

For Canadians: NSERCFor Americans: NSF 

Prospective Graduate students

I am happy to discuss research options with self-funded students. Open positions will be posted from January-March. 

Prospective Undergraduate students

Highly motivated and independent undergraduate students are welcome to engage in laboratory projects. Please contact Dr Stevenson for research options.

Public Engagement in Science

Congratulations to Eloise Lynch! She was selected by the University to present her research in Westminster for the Poster in Parliament. Eloise was also selected to present at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research.

Media coverage:

The Proceedings of the Royal Society b paper published in October 2015 has been covered by: The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Daily Mail, BBC Scotland, BBC Berkshire and many other international outlets.


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