Zinc in Potatoes (ZiP study)



Prof John Beattie
Tel: 01224 438631

Margaret-Jane Gordon
Tel: 01224 438644

David Bremner
Tel: 01224 438785

Male and female volunteers wanted to help investigate whether eating naturally zinc-enriched potatoes can improve body zinc levels and health.

We are recruiting:

  • Healthy men aged 18-70 and postmenopausal women upto 70 years old
  • Normal to overweight (BMI 19-35 kg/m2)
  • Not taking any long term medication or health supplements
  • Non-smokers

Further information:

Download the Participant Information sheet

Study team:



John Beattie

Professor John Beattie

John's research investigates foods that can improve zinc status and health


David Bremner

David is based at the Human Nutrition Unit and co-ordinates many of our nutrition studies. He will guide you through the volunteering process and answer any queries you may have.