Mackerel Study



Khairun Sumali   
Tel: 01224 438689

Dr Nigel Hoggard
Tel: 01224 438655

We would like to investigate the long term beneficial effects of eating mackerel fish on glucose control and heart health among South Asian population with diabetes.

We are recruiting:

  • South Asian men and women aged 25-65
  • Diabetic controlled by diet and lifestyle
  • Non-diabetic
  • Overweight to obese (classification for Asian population - BMI ≥23 kg/m2)
  • No other chronic health problems

Study Team


Khairun Sumali

Khairun is a PhD student in the Metabolic Health group.
Tel: 01224 438689


Dr Nigel Hoggard

I am currently carrying out studies involving human volunteers to find out if compounds found in soft fruits can counteract type 2 diabetes.

Sam Philip

Dr Sam Philip

Dr Philip is a Consultant Physician in the department of Diabetes and Endocrinology and as an honorary lecturer in Biomedical Physics (Ophthalmic imaging group) at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.