Big Breakfast Study

Big breakfast


Claire Fyfe
Tel: 01224 438752

Dr Alex Johnstone   
Tel: 01224 438614

In this 10 week weight loss study we will look at the role of fibre and protein in a healthy diet on energy balance and eating behaviour when 45% of the daily calorie intake is consumed in the morning.

We are looking for:

  • Healthy men aged 18-75 or healthy women aged over 18 who take the oral contraceptive pill
  • Who regularly eat breakfast (at least 5 days a week)
  • Who are overweight (BMI 27-42kg/m2)

Free parking and accommodation are available at our new Foresterhill site

Further information:

Download the participant information sheet pdf

Study Team



Claire Fyfe

Claire is a Research Assistant in the Metabolic Health research group and contributes to many of our nutritional studies.


Dr Alex Johnstone

My research interest is in appetite control across the lifecourse (children to ageing adults), with emphasis on diet composition during weight loss.