Food Lab

Simple and fun food-based experiments

This suite of fun, hands-on experiments using food helps students to learn more about what they eat and drink and also introduces them to fundamental scientific concepts (i.e. carrying out a fair test, using a control to validate results).

There are a variety of experiments to choose from to cover different aspects of the curriculum and all experiments have a comprehensive teacher guide, student worksheet and risk assessment.

A suppliers list and word bank covering all experiments can be downloaded by clicking the links.

Red Cabbage

Cabbage Chemistry

Using red cabbage indicator, discover which household products are acids and which are bases.


Spectacular Starch

These 2 experiments investigate which foods contain starch and explore its interesting properties!


Sweet Chromatography

Investigate what is in the food we eat by extracting the coloured dyes from sweets.


Sourcing Sugars I

Using test-strips, discover which drinks contain glucose and compare the amount - you might be surprised!


Sourcing Sugars II

Discover which of your favourite drinks contain the most sugar using Benedict's Reagent. 


Spaghetti Towers

Try your hand a building a tower from spaghetti and marsmallows - who's will be the tallest?