Course Assessment



Assessment will generally need to be tailored to the requirements of the user institution, and course level. The following are suggestions for assessment methods.


Assessment Methods

  • Students can be asked to utilise the resource and to provide a report / essay on a general or specific topic. In this manner the course can also be used for 'distance learning'. A selection of suggested report / essay titles is given.
  • Presentations at seminars can be assessed on both technical content and presentation skills. A selection of topics for short seminars is given.
  • A traditional examination can be set. Examples of examination questions are given.
  • 'Practical'-based skills can be assessed by providing images for students to interpret. A selection of practical images is provided. Students can use these images and attempt to identify/interpret them on the basis of text and illustrations provided on the resource site. Tutors may access answers to these by clicking on the appropriate images.