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BU5545 - Leading International Health Care

Credit Points: 20

Course Co-ordinator: Prof. David Newlands

Pre-requisite(s): Students must be registered for International Healthcare Management or International Health and Management.

Co-requisite(s): None

Note(s): None

The course will contain the following (indicative) content:
*Leading, innovating and communicating in international healthcare;
*International health policy;
*Comparative key health systems and health system models;
*Managing rural and peripheral health systems;
*Key factors driving international health system evolution and change: redesign, quality and performance management, finance, marketing, demographics;
*Managing in the healthcare pharmaceutical and technology industries and managing pharmaceuticals and technologies in health systems;
*Managing in and for turbulent situations - disasters, emergencies and pandemics.

2 one hour lectures and one two hour seminar per week

Three hour examination (50%); continuous assessment (50%)