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> Level 4

PLEASE NOTE: Resit: (for Honours students only): Candidates achieving a CAS mark of 6-8 may be awarded compensatory level 1 credit. Candidates achieving a CAS mark of less than 6 will be required to submit themselves for re-assessment and should contact the Course Co-ordinator for further details.

GE 4501

Course Co-ordinator: Ms S Heard

Pre-requisite(s): Available only to students in Programme Year 3 or above of one of the School of Geosciences' degree programmes.

Note(s): This course will rund in 2009/10 and in alternate years thereafter. This course may not be taken as part of a graduating curriculum with GS 3501.

A series of case studies will examine the history of resource use, working from a range of academic perspectives. For example: early civilizations and their use and exploitation of resources; stone monuments and landscapes; changes in the need for, attitude to, and utilization of resources during the industrial revolution; geology, architecture and the built environment; geology, resources, and global conflicts, the technological revolution in the use of rocks and minerals.

2 one-hour lectures/projects per week.

1st attempt: in-course assessment (67%) : (of which 33% comprises museum project design exercise and 33% academic commentary); 33% written examination (one question in one hour).

Resit: Original in-course assessment carried forward (67%) plus examination (33%).